In Christopher Nolan's recent epic Interstellar Matthew McConaughey can be seen passing through the shuttle Endurance as it departs earth, giving reassurance to fellow astronaut Romilly by passing him a pair of headphones. The audio track fades up and the reassurance given is a field recording of a storm on earth. More recently academic and motor mechanic Matthew Crawford author of The World Beyond Your Head, "a kind of philosophical treatise on how to cope with modernity", talks of how we are losing our ability to focus in a world of distraction where silence, has become a form of luxury commodity, restricted to places like the business class lounges of airports or train stations. HIDE takes these two issues and invites the SGP audience to really experience where they actually are.

HIDE is an inversion. Stepping into the HIDE gardeners will be transported to an ambient field recording of how the field looks before they or any of the festival are on site. On each of the three faces of the hexagonal structure a full screen hi-definition projection will loop. Each projection will be an in-situ recording of what would be seen from that hide. The slit windows dispersed across the face of the hide will enable the gardeners to open up small portals onto the festival site in alignment with the projections. This inversion, this doubling of reality will make HIDE both a place to hide from the festival, and a hide from which to spot other festival goers. HIDE will be soundtracked by a surround sound field recording made on site by the artist prior to the festival in the daytime blurring into ambient electronica through the night.

A visitor book - a bird hide essential - will be available for viewers to record the strangest things they have spotted from HIDE.>>>>