>Transparent Modular Specifics is a performance installation by the artist Bram Thomas Arnold. Housed in a modular timber-framed geodesic dome clad in opaque plastic it will feature an assembly line staffed by performers who are busy making moulds and casts. The assembly line will feature an audience interface as its input whereby visitors, staff, crew, and itinerants at the festival input their data into a solar powered tablet: The data is then processed by a bespoke algorithm that generates a number representing the physical cost of each individual on site.

The assembly line staff will then take a physical imprint of each individual’s footprint and use this to make a plaster cast of the footprint, the installations output. Embedded into the plaster cast will be a native sapling for future planting by either the individual concerned or the artist. The species chosen will be pegged to the individuals cost as produced by the algorithm. The higher the ecological impact of an individual the higher the carbon sequestration capacity of the tree species embedded in their footprint.

Transparent Modular Specifics aim is to generate a physical representation of the ecological impact of individual attendees and production staff and therefore of the festival as a whole, but on an intentionally personal and engaged level. Each footprint will be documented photographically.

Transparent Modular Specifics aims to be a work engaged with aesthetics when set in a binary with their opposite anaesthetics, to be aesthetic is to be engaged with all the interconnected aspects of ones being: from the impact of your shit, to the strength of your convictions, to the burden of your server space, and your presence in a web of delicate and ultimately unfathomable interconnections across space and through time. To be engaged in anaesthetics is to be dead to the world.

Produced by Alex Goodman, in collaboration with Emily Juniper, Phyllida Bluemel, Johanna Röhr, Mat Collington. With programming and technical support from Darren Fleetwood.