1. The PARK BENCH READER for PLYMOUTH ART WEEKENDER. Coming up on the 22 / 23 / 24th September the benches of Armada Way will be filled with readers, reading.

2. Trail Mix is returning to the airwaves and to the field. Currently working with Kestle Barton Art Gallery on the Lizard in Cornwall. We produced two shows earlier in the year out of an exhibition called Ledger Lines which featured the work of Abigail Reynolds, Sophy Rickett and Michelle Stuart. These can be caught on Resonance FM over the coming weeks. For more on Trail Mix see the dedicated blog: trailmixedweb.wordpress.com

3. Place Exploration. PLACE EXPLORATION is an artist-led residency, a radical workshop, an opportunity to challenge and reinterpret your practice.

PLACE EXPLORATION is a 5 day practice-based research residency into the depths of place at Kestle Barton, whereby place is defined as something that is constructed by a washing back and forth between the past and the future, between the self and the collective, as the shoreline is perpetually recomposed by the sea.

PLACE EXPLORATION will examine Kestle Barton through ecological and autoethnographic lenses: visiting artists will be invited to ruminate upon the idea of the self in and of a place, whereby both the self and the place are compositions of social, cultural and personal histories.

Applications will go live on Friday 15th September!

Old News is below:

X. How To Walk. My series of nine text/drawings are to be exhibited over the summer in Peninsula Arts, Plymouth as part of the inaugural Plymouth Contemporary Open. All works are for sale. An Edition will be made available in the coming weeks.

X. Book Launches in London and Edinburgh. Remote Performances in Nature and Architecture includes two essays penned in relation to the Actions For & Against Nature that were presented via Resonance FM last summer. An exhibition is taking place alongside the book launch in Edinburgh this August. I have also had a text published in the excellent collection entitled Ways To Wander published by Triarchy Press, a book launch is taking place in The White Building, East London on August 8th, click for tickets.

X. Trail Mix at the Secret Garden Party. For a while now Trail Mix has secretly been broadcasting from a shipping container in a Cornish Car Park, there are some old shows available to listen to here. At the end of July I'll be producing a special series of shows to be broadcast at dawn over the weekend of the Secret Garden Party, if you're not on site you'll be able to listen via www.secretgardenparty.com or I'll add them to mixcloud after the fact. Trail mix is a fortnightly show I produce that is a guided journey through a record collection, a library, a gallery, a version of the world.

X. Publication of a co-authored paper published in Digital Creativity. Rebecca Birch of Field Broadcast and I have co-authored a paper exploring the notion of Field Broadcast through the lens of a collaborative project I undertook in 2012 as part of Sideways Festival in Belgium with Eleanor Wynne Davis. Coming in Summer 2015.

X. Portraits of My Father, a performance I did in 2008 was re-presented at 'Performing Grief', a conference at the Sorbonne in Paris, October 2014. This work was reproduced for a performance lecture at Falmouth University in collaboration with the Solo Performance Forum in 2015.

X. In August 2014 I participated in Remote Performances. Remote Performances is a collaboration between artists London Fieldworks and Resonance104.4fm, (the world’s first art radio station). For one week in August 2014, 20 specially commissioned artist performances and programmes created with local residents will be broadcast live from Outlandia, a unique artists' field-station in Glen Nevis, Lochaber, Scotland; a timely reflection on contemporary ideas of remoteness, capturing and transmitting creative interactions with the land, its history and people and the tensions between nature, industry, tourism and heritage







Resting Place, After Somme-Vesle.