Bram Thomas Arnold is an artist who started with walking and kept going, into performance; installation; drawing; academia; broadcasting and writing. His
trans-disciplinary practice was instigated under Shelley Sacks at Oxford Brookes University before studying an MA in Arts & Ecology at Dartington College of Arts. Alongside a transient upbringing, moving from Switzerland through Belgium and Holland into England and Wales, his approach to study has manifested itself into a practice that does not restrict itself to traditional notions, boundaries, mediums or modes of practice: an ecological form of practice that is both Conceptual in its methods whilst being Romantic in its outcomes.

As an artist he has built a piece of road in a forest, learned to translate Lithuanian, carried 60 English novels to New York, and set out to walk from his home in London to the place of his birth in Switzerland. His ecological practice has been exhibited broadly in the UK as well as abroad in exhibitions from New York to St. Petersburg. Most recently his practice based PhD was published by the University of the Arts London in 2016. Elements of this work have been published in Remote Performances in Nature & Architecture (Ashgate 2015), Digital Creativity Journal, Ways To Wander (Triarchy Press) and his text/drawing series How To Walk (2009-2015) won the Plymouth Contemporary Open 2015.


As previously stated I am an artist that started with walking and kept going. The beauty of walking is that you can end up anywhere, traversing disciplines and methodologies as much as landscapes or city streets. Walking is the simplest way of getting about and it is the bedrock of a form of practice that attempts to tackle the fundamental issues of our existence, not for rational reasons nor for logical ones, but simply because it can. Art is an excuse to walk into a room one knows nothing about and report back with ones first impressions, to start from intuitive positions and drag ones library in ones wake.

Previous exhibitions include: This is The Future, Chiltern Sculpture Trail 2003; British Art Show 6, Newcastle, 2006; Deptford X Festival, London 2006; Conflux festival of Psychogeography, New York 2008; Artisterium, Tbilisi, Georgia 2012; Performance Writing 12, Arnolfini, Bristol 2012; Sideways: a festival of walking, Belgium 2012; Remote Performances, Scotland 2014; HIDE, Secret Garden Party, Cambridge 2016; Hermitage / Taking My Own Advice, Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall 2016.

Previous presentations include: Being [In] Landscape, The Exchange, Penzance, 2013; Sensing Site, Parasol Unit, London 2013/14; Performing Grief, Sorbonné University of Paris, 2014; Story’s Place in Our Lives, Mansfield College, Oxford University, 2015.

All pictures © the Artist unless otherwise stated.